Grapevine: Where content is king.

In a sea of publishing service providers that outsource most of their work offshore, Grapevine Publishing Services LLC is an island of professional integrity you can rely on. We treat your intellectual property as the precious commodity it is.

What’s more, our prices are competitive with offshoring companies. We use a proprietary operational system that allows us to scale a team of highly trained professionals – each with a minimum of 20 years experience – to your requirements.

With an alphabet soup of options, we’ll find the right recipe for you.

Today’s rapidly evolving technology has made publishing processes bewildering: XML, SGML, XHTML, XSLT, TeX, LaTeX, DTD, OCR, W3C, STM, KPO, TEI, ISO 12083, DocBook, MathML, OxRefML, CamML, XPath, schema, data conversion, digitization, ePublishing, XML conversion, Kindle conversion, raw data conversion, workflow optimization, typesetting, compositing, illustration processing, copyediting, proofreading…

Fortunately, it's our business to keep up with best practice in the publishing business. Unlike other companies, we're not married to just one process. You can work with our Consulting Group and receive a studied work-flow recommendation for the unique needs of your project.